Jus Rhyme announces alias for AR-15

picture-081“Soldiers of the Sticks (S.O.S.) is now an official alias for AR-15,” announced Jeb Middlebrook aka Jus Rhyme on Thursday. “Raw Potential and I thought it was time to go public with the alias given the crisis that is facing rural and urban communities. People are in a war for their lives right now with the economy, global warming, healthcare, and the wars overseas.

“Poor communities – rural and urban, white and of color- are always the hardest hit in tough times so AR-15 is putting out an S.O.S. – Soldiers of the Sticks,” said Middlebrook.

“Both Raw and I grew up in the country aka ‘the sticks’ and we now live in the city. We have seen first hand the negative impact that elite political, economic, and racial policies have had on both rural and urban communities, but we have also seen the positive impact that racial justice organizing and hip-hop has had in bringing people together across race for their common social and economic interests.

“The idea of Soldiers of the Sticks is for people to put an S.O.S. out in their own communities and to serve their communities through organizing and volunteerism in order to meet people’s basic needs across race. AR-15 aka S.O.S. is down to help in this endeavor locally and nationally. People should reach out to each other and to us. Together we can make a better world.”

Contact: Jeb Middlebrook, email: AR15ent@gmail.com


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