Raw Potential & Jus Rhyme, AR-15
Raw Potential & Jus Rhyme, AR-15

What does it sound like when two white guys take a stand against racism? It sounds like AR-15. We are a spoken word and hip-hop group that rhymes for racial justice with a solid mix of club anthems and street chants.

We also host public forums that connect people with local racial justice organizations, and discuss action steps to create anti-racist culture in local communities, on campuses, and in popular culture. National lecturer and anti-racist activist, Tim Wise, calls AR-15 “…no bull, radical hip-hop: the kind that has the potential to redefine what it means to be white in the rap game.”

The name AR-15 stands for fifteen anti-racist principles that guide the rap group to “flip the system”- or use time and money to support anti-racist and racial justice organizing by people of color and white people. AR-15 is walking the talk in the hip-hop underground, earning tens of thousands of dollars in gigs through independent promotion since 2003 and donating 25% of our income to racial justice organizing.

Our goals include:
1) build culture and community around anti-racist and racial justice movements.
2) provide incentives for people to be involved in local and national anti-racist and racial justice organizing.
3) raise money for campaigns for racially just social policy and practice, locally and globally.

Our principles and goals are inspired by the Challenging White Supremacy workshop, the Center for Third World Organizing, the Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere – Los Angeles (AWARE-LA), and anti-racist and racial justice organizers past, present, and future.